La micropallinatura Rampulla is located near the exit N. 15 Ring Road in Parma.It is a strategic area and is unimpeded from traffic blocks, both light and heavy vehicles.
Rampulla micropallinatura has a machining surface covered of 600 squared meters and 500 square meters of uncovered surface for a total of 1100 square meters of productive surface. This makes it possible to work even large and bulky structures with no problem.

Among the various machines available we have also various sanding booths:
A great manual shot peening cabinet 12 m total length for 4 meter of height and 4,5 meter of depth that ensures perfect machining of enormous and complex structures. In case of necessity it's possible spit them in 2 separate cabinet by 6 m length each ones
Two manual shot peening cabin for a total of two cubic meter allows the economical processing and rapid small parts.
In addition, we also have a Automatic two shot peening cabins, one from 12 cubic meters, which allows fast processing and series of medium and large and a smaller for small parts.
We could not miss the 1200 barrel for tumbling works.

The company providing the service for itemís collection, also has a fleet of operator owned vehicles. Of these we wish to emphasize the presence of a truck that is company owned and insured on our property. So you do not have problems with transport issues by truck drivers or third parties.

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