The Micro Shot Peening

micro shot peening

The micro shot peening is a process that is done to improve the surface of a mechanical part, one of its main features is a very low surface roughness that is to guarantee hygiene and easy cleaning, without neglecting the aesthetic where the treated piece is presented in a way more homogeneous and bright, also removing color differences of metals caused by thermal processing or machining.

Another possible application is the mechanical removal of natural oxides, processing residues or protective coatings (including paints).

The micro shot peening from Rampulla and thanks to its tunnel of more than 8 meters and 2 boxes processes and is of high level of know-how and is able to offer more flexibility and make any required quality and size.

Our finish is adopted by major companies that produce equipment for the food, dairy chemicals and pharmaceuticals companies , it is characterized by a controlled roughness, which is a guarantee of the highest standards to ensure the best results.

The various types of grits and balls used by us also ensure the possibility of different effects to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

The Tumbling

The process of forging, cutting, molding, ect. leave burrs on the items edge. Our tumbling process is a surface treatment used to remove the burrs and for smoothing the items shape.
The elimination of this excess of material takes place by means of granular inserts of various shapes, size and composition, seats together with the parts to be machined, within a rotatation barrel called “Buratti”.

Mainly applied to nuts and bolts, bits and pieces and small parts suitable to undergo micro-bumps.
For combined action of rotation and friction, the inserts granular wears away the burrs standardizing the surface of details according to the desired specifications.
Processing greatly adopted in the series of pieces of small and medium-size laser cut.
In fact, for these needs, it is one of the most economically advantageous machining.

The target application of this work is:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
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